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Writing Apps Ulysses and Drafts Get Big Updates

Writers rejoice - two of the best and most popular writing apps on Mac and iOS were just given solid updates.
Writing Apps Ulysses and Drafts Get Big Updates

Image credit: Ulysses.app

Two writing apps I use every day, Drafts and Ulysses, were just updated to versions 26 and 22, respectively.

Drafts v.26 Updates:

  • Custom syntaxes and themes
  • Additions of new themes and syntaxes to the Drafts Directory
  • Automatic addition of closing elements, such as parentheses, quotation marks, and brackets as you type
  • Ability to back up Drafts Actions

Ulysses v.22 Updates:

  • You can now publish to Micro.blog and update posts already published to WordPress
  • Customize group icons with colors for easier identification
  • Larger headings in the editor window
  • Look & feel updates
  • A new default theme with larger headings

I do all my blog and podcast writing in Ulysses, while I use Drafts as my daily capture tool. Its collection of actions allow me to share that text anywhere. If you’re a writer of any kind and you haven’t given either of these apps a look, you should rectify that now.