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Weekend Reads: Pocket Watches, Notes, Drinking with the French, and Podcasting from Hell

Some of the most interesting stories from all over the web, from one man's love of a timeless timepiece, to another man's descent into the seedy underbelly of the podcasting industry...
Weekend Reads: Pocket Watches, Notes, Drinking with the French, and Podcasting from Hell

"Rekindling A Lifelong Fascination With The Pocket Watch" | Hodinkee:

If it’s not already obvious, I know next to nothing about antique Swiss movements, counting jewels, or anything else that might have helped me identify the value of that Capt repeater. I am a total novice, but I like what I like, and I really liked that watch. It bore all the stark tidiness of a train station wall clock in miniature. Pop the hinged caseback and you’d see a visible time capsule of watchmaking that, whatever its material value, was stunning to behold. It represented everything about a pocket watch that called to me as a kid, without the bunting and frills that appealed to my five-year-old self.
And so began my journey through the world of Henry-Daniel Capt, Swiss-made pocket watches, and the joy of minute repeaters.

The Art of Note-Making | The Sweet Setup:

The basic idea of note-making is that you don’t simply capture your notes and dump them in a library somewhere. Instead, you work on your notes and update them over time. Instead of simply taking notes, you are crafting them. Your approach is like that of a skilled craftsman, who knows that within the chunk of wood or stone lies a beautiful carving. You can’t see it at the beginning, but as you continue to refine the material you’re working with, you start to see it come through.

What You Can Learn About Wine From Drinking With The French | VinePair:

Drinking wine in France reminds me of eating lobster in Maine. For many Americans, French wine and lobster mean white tablecloths, snotty staff and confusing methods – Oh, and wallet-busting expensive. But the reality is drinking wine in France or eating lobster in Maine is practically effortless. And, delicious. Of course, delicious.
In France, drinking French wine is the norm. That seems oversimplified, but it’s the reason you can enjoy a pleasant wine with very little fuss. There’s no stressing over what to choose, it’s as simple as drinking what’s available.

The Podcasting Hype House from Hell:

Himalaya announced its arrival in February 2019 with a podcast player and list of exclusive shows, including a partnership with the Dallas Mavericks. In a debut Variety piece, the company boasted about a $100 million investment led by Ximalaya, as well as from General Atlantic and SIG. It really seemed like the company could find a place in the industry, if for no other reason than having cash in the bank. (Disclosure: General Atlantic is an investor in Vox Media, The Verge’s parent company.)
But with Vincer and the hype house, Himalaya got more than it bargained for. In less than a year, what was intended to be a schmoozy haven for creators turned into a perplexing world of cocaine, dog poo, and unpaid bills, according to more than a dozen people who spoke with The Verge. All the stories centered on one man: Vincer.