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Wavemaker Novel Writing Software

Looking for a way to write your next novel anywhere, on any device, for free? Look no further than Wavemaker.
Wavemaker Novel Writing Software
via Wavemaker on Twitter

There are plenty of ways to write a novel—Microsoft Word, Scrivener, Google Docs (eughhhhh), and countless other, smaller apps that work on phones, tablets, and regular ol’ computers.

But there’s a relatively new player on the block, at least to me: Wavemaker. It’s a web-based suite of novel-writing tools, including:

  • A text editor (with options for chapters and sub-chapters)
  • Timeline management
  • Index card-based planning board (Kanban)
  • Card database for storing character sketches, outlines, and settings
  • Mind maps
  • A Snowflake tool for users of the Snowflake method
  • A challenge mode that only saves your work if you write the necessary amount of words in a specified time span
  • and numerous file formats for exporting your work

I wasn’t expecting much when I first saw Wavemaker - free, web-based software isn’t normally this user friendly or feature-rich, but the developer is doing some fantastic things and it looks as though more is on the horizon. My one complaint? It only syncs via Google Drive.

If you’re interested in a free way to write your next book (especially on a tablet, phone, or Chromebook), check out Wavemaker below. And make sure to drop them a few bucks for their troubles. It may be free, but these things take a lot of time and effort to put together. If you want to make sure it continues to be developed, try to give if you can.

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