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Weekend Read: The Doctor Keeping Coronavirus at Bay

One of the most important people of the last few years isn't making the rounds on the news channels or in presidential press briefings. She's tackling the pandemic from behind the scenes.
Weekend Read: The Doctor Keeping Coronavirus at Bay

Fascinating read by Gina Kolata at the New York Times about Dr. Katalin Kariko, one of the leading researchers who built the foundation for the mRNA COVID vaccines:

“When your idea is against the conventional wisdom that makes sense to the star chamber, it is very hard to break out,” said Dr. David Langer, a neurosurgeon who has worked with Dr. Kariko.
Dr. Kariko’s ideas about mRNA were definitely unorthodox. Increasingly, they also seem to have been prescient.
“It’s going to be transforming,” Dr. Fauci said of mRNA research. “It is already transforming for Covid-19, but also for other vaccines. H.I.V. — people in the field are already excited. Influenza, malaria.”

Thank you, Dr. Kariko.