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Suit Jackets, Blazers, and Sport Coats: Oh My!

Did you know there's a difference between a suit jacket, a blazer, and a sport coat? Well, now you do.
Suit Jackets, Blazers, and Sport Coats: Oh My!
Photo by Alexander Naglestad / Unsplash

Brian Adee over at Effortless Gent breaks down the differences between three popular jacket styles and when each of them is appropriate:

Both sport coats and blazers can be made in a wide range of cuts, fits, and sizes. So neither type of jacket is always shorter than the other; you’ll have to look for individual garments to see how long they are.

In general, though, keep in mind that any jacket should fit at a length that’s appropriate to your body.

This usually means that the back of the jacket should cover your butt, and the hem should end roughly where your hamstrings meet your glutes.

It only gets better from there. As we start to return to the office, now’s the best time to up our style game.