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Sonny Rollins on His Year with Blue Note

Sixty-four years ago, Sonny Rollins turned the jazz world on its head. Now, he reflects back on the year that changed everything.
Sonny Rollins on His Year with Blue Note
Photo via Bengt Nyman on Flickr

“Saxophone Colossus” Sonny Rollins spoke to uDiscoverMusic in 2019 about his year of recording albums for Blue Note Records back in 1957. Here’s his take on working with Thelonious Monk:

“Thelonious was different in that he was so unique, so singular,” says Rollins of the man that mentored him and helped to nurture his talent. “It was always different playing with Monk because you had to play like him. You couldn’t play something that didn’t have anything to do with his style, his approach and the things that he laid down, which meant that you couldn’t get away from them while you were playing. And also, those things couldn’t help but influence you.”

Check out the rest of the interview if you have a chance. Lots of stories about working with the greats. Rollins celebrated his 91st birthday earlier this month.