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Novus Rule

Not all rulers are created equal. Help make sure this ruler gets created at all.
Novus Rule

Mundus is a design studio that got its start making high-quality items for the clothing industry. Specifically, chalk sharpeners, sleeve boards, and other items you might find in a tailor's shop.

The Novus Rule, however, is a measuring tool that jumps from the fashion world into the wider stationery world:

The Novus Rule's strikingly elegant design is not only beautiful with visual and tactile harmony between the warmth and intricate grain of the wood perfectly paired with the structural integrity and glow of solid brass but also a functional improvement on the standard rule, in terms of weight, pressure distribution, accuracy and virtual elimination of parallax error. You can customise the width, length, hardwood handle finishes and the markings (or scale) on both sides of the rule to perfectly match the way you like to work.

It's a gorgeous, yet pricey work of art that would look right at home on a big, wooden office desk or roll top desk. If you want to get your own, help see that their Kickstarter is funded by pledging at least $250 within the next 20 days.