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Makers Cabinet Lazlo Pen

Makers Cabinet is back with a brand new take on a tried-and-true writing implement.
Lazlo pen balancing on a finger
Image via Makers Cabinet Kickstarter

Makers Cabinet, the minds behind the Høvel pencil plane sharpener and the Ferrule pencil holder have just published the Kickstarter for their brand new product: the Lazlo.

The Lazlo is a pen made of either solid brass or aluminum (depending on your preference) with a unique clicking mechanism that incorporates "diametrically opposed neodymium magnets" that "rotate bidirectionally to engage and disengage the cartridge to create an unparalleled crisp click."

I own both the Høvel and the Ferrule (you can check out the Høvel in my video "5 INEXPENSIVE Items to Make Your Desk Look Like a Million Bucks") and I can honestly say that Makers Cabinet produces some of the most beautiful and well-made desk items in the world.

Everything is precision engineered, solidly built, and made to last. Their products are the kinds of products you hand down over the years and the Lazlo looks like it will be no different.

If you get in on the Super Early Bird deal right now, you can snag a Lazlo and a cork drop stand for about $66 over on their Kickstarter.