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Mage & Fool Playing Cards

One thing is certain: Kickstarter is becoming the place to go for hot new playing cards.
Mage & Fool Playing Cards
Image via Kickstarter

Artist Louie Mantia, Jr. has a new Kickstarter up for a beautiful pair of red and blue playing card decks he calls “Mage & Fool”:

Mage & Fool are custom French-suited, English Pattern playing cards. (Most people know this variety more simply as “playing cards.”)

Both editions have 52 standard cards. There are four suits (Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, and Hearts) with 13 cards each, plus four extra cards: 2 Jokers and 2 Flags.

These decks are proudly printed by The United States Playing Card Company, world-famous for Bee® and Bicycle® decks. Mage & Fool will be printed on premium card stock with their classic embossed finish.

The Kickstarter has fewer than 20 days left and these are some pretty slick looking cards. Grab them before time runs out.