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Imdone - a Markdown-Powered Kanban Board

A new way to power through your to-dos.
Imdone - a Markdown-Powered Kanban Board
Image via Imdone

For the last week, I’ve been using the app Imdone to see what it’s all about. Think of it as Notational Velocity meets Trello. You have a folder full of Markdown files that are converted into cards/to-do items, which you can then move around on a kanban board.

The system is incredibly flexible and open to more than just Markdown. If you’d rather write in CODE or HASHTAG style, those are also available. From colors, to templates, to just about anything you can think of, Imdone can be customized within an inch of its life to exactly how you would prefer to use it.

Which is exactly why I personally will not be using it. I have a system that works and this is too fiddly for my taste. However! If you are the kind of person who loves to tweak their productivity systems so they fit your way of working, this might just be the one for you.

It’s a fantastic application and I really did enjoy using it during the testing phase. I simply don’t have room in my current setup for another app, which is why I don’t plan on paying for the $25 annual subscription. That said, I’ll still be keeping an eye on its development. I’m very interested to see how it progresses and who knows? Maybe one day I might find a need for it.

If you’re a kanban fan who’s interested in breaking free of Trello or a similar system in favor of something more versatile, you should absolutely give Imdone a try.