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Emergency Dispatch from the Study: I Need Your Help

Sorry to bother you, but Hurricane Ida affected my family in a bad way and I need your help.
Emergency Dispatch from the Study: I Need Your Help
My basement after 6 feet of river water had receded. 

Hi folks,

I hate to ask this, but my family suffered a major flood due to Hurricane Ida last week and we lost almost everything in our basement. 10 years of belongings, tools, heirlooms, clothes, and more were submerged in six feet of river water. We also lost all of our appliances down there (water heater, boiler, electrical box, washer, and dryer) and the house suffered some structural damage from the flood.

If you can spare a few dollars to our GoFundMe to help us rebuild, it would mean the world to us. We've been displaced for an unknown amount of time, as the severity of the storm has resulted in all flood/mold remediation companies being booked for weeks. As of this letter, I still have about 3" of water left in my basement.

Our insurance is covering some of the loss, but they've already given us a list of things they won't cover and it's long. In addition, Aaron Mahnke, the creator of the Lore podcast and my amazing boss on Cabinet of Curiosities has agreed to match up to the first $5,000.

Again, I hate asking, but we're desperate and every little bit helps. My hope is once we get past this, I can go back to producing the kind of content you've come to expect on this site, including stories, videos, and even a podcast I've been cooking up.

Thank you for your time – and if you can't contribute or you have already, I'd really appreciate it if you shared the link to the GoFundMe on your social media accounts. We're SO CLOSE to the $5,000.

Click here to contribute

Thanks again. Stay safe.

- Harry