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Ferrule by Makers Cabinet

Makers Cabinet, the studio behind some of the most beautiful desk accessories of the modern age, is back with a brand new product for pencil lovers everywhere.
Ferrule by Makers Cabinet

Image via Kickstarter

Makers Cabinet, the creators behind the Høvel Pencil Plane and the Iris Drawing Compass, launched a new Kickstarter this morning for their brass Ferrule Pencil Holder:

Ferrule extends your pencil, allowing you to use all of your graphite comfortably. Ferrule fits most common pencil sizes ranging from 7-8mm in diameter, whether it be colouring, charcoal, pastel or even makeup pencils.


Through months of honing our design, we created a tool that incorporates a finely machined body that flows from a hexagonal front to a circular end that fits perfectly between your fingers and rests softly on your hand. We have removed excess material from Ferrule's body, making it the perfect weight in hand. Ferrule is a joy to use for both drawing and writing.

They'd already blown through their goal by the time I pledged this morning. You can back the project today for about $75 over on Kickstarter and stay tuned for a full review once the Ferrule is finally released.