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Bovet Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two "Reimagined"

"Everybody has three mortgages nowadays."
Bovet Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two "Reimagined"
Image via Hodinkee

Two new watches from Bovet just dropped and they are something else.

Via Hodinkee:

The company produces its own hairsprings, using a proprietary alloy, and crafts every detail of its watches in-house, save for elements such as rubies, mainsprings, crystals, and straps. This level of dedication to vertical manufacturing is, as we all know, exceptionally rare in the Swiss watch industry, which is the main reason I always keep an eye out for new releases from Bovet, the other being the company's wildly art-forward approach. And last week, Bovet dropped a small selection of pieces that further develop its Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two platform, first seen in 2020, through the creative application of colored Super-LumiNova and black DLC.

The cost? $230,000. Start saving your pennies. Only eight of each model will be made.