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Bottomless Coffee Raises $4.5 Million

The little coffee subscription startup that could keeps moving up.
Bottomless Coffee Raises $4.5 Million

Image credit: Bottomless.com

Via GeekWire:

Bottomless, the small Seattle startup with big e-commerce dreams, has raised $4.5 million in a new Series A funding round to help with the continued growth of its business, built around a smart scale and coffee subscription platform.

I've been using Bottomless for almost a year and I absolutely love it. Here's how it works:

  1. They send me a WiFi-enabled scale that sits on my kitchen counter.
  2. They also send me a bag of coffee beans based on the preferences I set on their website.
  3. As I use the coffee, the scale registers the weight and tells Bottomless to mail me a new bag when I get too low, meaning I never run out of coffee.

I've been able to try so many new roasts and flavors thanks to Bottomless and I'm really happy they've been able to secure more funding to grow. This isn't an ad, by the way. I just love the service.

If you want to try Bottomless yourself, use this referral link -- I'll get a free bag and so will you.