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Beard Oil: What is It and How Do I Use It?

The hair on the top of your head isn't the only thing that needs love and care. Your beard needs some attention, too.
Beard Oil: What is It and How Do I Use It?

Many bearded folks probably don't take good care of their facial follicles. Sure, they might trim the scraggly bits every now and then, but they don't often wash and condition them, and they certainly don't keep them shiny like a collie's coat.

Well, they should be, and one easy, inexpensive way to do that is with a little bit of beard oil. Applying just a tiny amount each day can make a beard softer, smoother, and remove that wild, unkempt, "I've-been-living-in-the-forest-and-was-raised-by-wolves" look.

Beard oil is a moisturizer for both the hair and the skin. Some oils even promote new beard growth.

Of course, those of us who do use beard oil might not know how to do so effectively. I'm here to help.

1. Apply Fresh Out of the Shower

Make sure you apply the beard oil right after you've taken your shower and towel-dried your beard. The steam will have opened your pores, allowing the oil to work its way into your skin and moisturize both your face and the hair follicles. Your beard should be damp, not dripping wet.

2. Don't Use a Lot

For shorter beards, you'll only need about 3-5 drops. Longer and thicker beards may need up to 10 drops. Try to find a bottle with a built-in reducer (a rubber stopper that only allows a drop out at a time), or an eye dropper under the cap.

It's better to have to use more oil later than wash your face because you overdid it. Remember: less is more.

3. Rub Into Your Palms

Rub the oil across your palms and fingers until they're nice and shiny. Only a few seconds.

4. Apply to Beard

Work the oil into the hair while also scrubbing it into the skin underneath. It's okay to muss your beard in the process. The key is making sure you coat the entirety of the beard, including your mustache and neck.

When you're done, smooth your beard out the way you like.

That's it!

What Kind of Beard Oil Should I Get?

That's really up to personal preference. However, there are some things to keep in mind when buying a new beard oil.

  1. Look for oils that use argan and jojoba oils. These tend to be lighter on your skin and don't leave you feeling greasy afterward.
  2. People with sensitive skin should avoid scented oils. Fragrance may cause irritation. Beardbrand's Blank Slate is a good choice for folks with this affliction.
  3. You should expect to spend between $18-$30 for a decent oil. More expensive brands like Cartier (Yes, that Cartier) sell oils at $60 or more.

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