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Baronfig Venture Slimline Backpack

Looking for a backpack to carry all your stuff in as small a package as possible? Look no further.
Baronfig Venture Slimline Backpack

Image via baronfig.com

Baronfig makes some of the best stationery and stationery-adjacent products available today. Their Venture Slimline Backpack is thinner than their standard Ranger Classic Backpack and boasts an open-flat design to provide users with an instant workspace. Simply hang it on a hook, unzip it, and access your tools without having to dig around inside.

There's a padded sleeve big enough for a 15" laptop, as well as plenty of pockets and storage inside.

And the new Yellowgold/Blackout colorway is stunning.

Buy it today for $85 at baronfig.com and use this link to get $10 (I'll get a $10 reward, too).